May 2011 e-news Gospel church 2This past weekend, Avant’s Team Poland launched their new Gospel Church project. The Gospel Church, held the second and last Sunday of each month, is a gathering that includes American-style worship elements and preaching from Colossians.

Through their involvement in a local gospel choir, as well as conversations with Polish friends, the Short-Cycle Church Planting team found that gospel music and preaching in English is intriguing to Poles. They also realized that Poles tend to be more open to discussing spiritual matters in English, outside of their cultural comfort zone, rather than in their native language.

In the last few months, the team has held several outreach events that ended up inspiring the Gospel Church. The first, in March, was a church service with some visiting friends from Lincoln Berean Church, in Lincoln, Neb. The team invited their Polish friends to this service, and they were excited to see about 30 Poles in attendance.

After this service, one woman expressed how much she loved hearing people pray—not a priest, but regular people whom she knows and considers as friends. This was a foreign concept to her and the experience left her longing for more.

Not long after, the team hosted a gospel music workshop, which attracted over 300 Poles. During the workshop, team leader Clint taught from biblical passages that revealed the truth behind the lyrics of the gospel songs they were singing. The weekend was well-received, and afterwards the team wanted to find a way to follow up with participants who were interested in continuing the experience.

The team invited Polish friends from the gospel workshop, their neighbors, local believers and language-exchange partners to attend the first Gospel Church service. Team members led worship, and Clint taught from Colossians. The Gospel Church will continue every other week throughout the summer, and in the fall the team will decide their next step.

“Our goal is to start a church, not just some place people go on Sunday, but a place where people experience community and fellowship,” said team member Shelley.  “We decided to call it Gospel Church because we want the gospel—not the worship style or the language—to be at the center of every service.”

Will you pray for the Gospel Church? Please pray with the team that those in attendance would develop a personal relationship with God and would trust in Christ for their salvation. Pray also that the team members would have opportunities to share the gospel with Poles, and that it would be received by open hearts.

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