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Short-Cycle Church Planting

Back before the turn of the twentieth century, when many mission agencies were birthed by the Student Volunteer Movement of the 1880s, travel was by steamship, communication was difficult, and missionary terms were long. Missionaries often committed to one field until retirement, sacrificing personal comfort in order to spread the gospel. Because of their hard work and dedication, people came to Christ and churches were planted all around the world.

Today’s world is different. What was once static has been replaced by nearly-constant change.  Terrorism and political strife are daily realities; communication is instantaneous and global; travel is fast and relatively inexpensive. Doors to countries open and close quickly as governments form, fall and re-form again. Often, the most unreached nations are also the most unstable.

To address these modern issues, Avant Ministries created Short-Cycle Church Planting. This ministry strategy recognizes the power of God and utilizes the creative synergy of a team. Individuals unite for a common cause: planting a biblically mature, reproducing church in as short a time as possible. Our teams employ innovative, creative means of evangelization, discipleship and national leadership training. We expect God to accomplish more than we can ever imagine.

What is Short-Cycle Church Planting?

Short-Cycle Church Planting is a team-based approach to church planting. We aim to develop mature, reproducing churches led by nationals in as short of time as possible.

With this approach, the elements of the church-planting process, from language learning to evangelism to leadership development, are undertaken simultaneously and accomplished as efficiently as possible.

Short-Cycle Church Planting doesn’t look the same in every field. Flexibility is built into this strategy so that teams can adjust to the cultural and political environments of a particular country.

Whatever the specific means, the goal is to establish and develop a church as quickly as possible so that, with whatever time God gives us in a field, lives are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Short-Cycle Principles (PDF)

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