On May 23-26, Avant Ministries will be joining hundreds of pastors at the Moody Pastors’ Conference in Chicago, Ill.

Avant will be there to connect with pastors around the country. As the North American church seeks to mobilize its missional members, Avant can assist with the experience and tools needed to make church-based missions teams a reality. Avant’s Joint Venture program, designed to maximize the involvement of the local congregation in church-based missions teams, has already aided churches in mobilizing their members in unprecedented ways.

“Joint Venture is revolutionizing how our church is involved in global missions,” said Rick C., Team Leader for Rockpointe Community Church’s church planting team to Senegal. “No longer are we just sending money and short-term teams overseas … we are also sending our most valuable resource: our people. And in the process, our Joint Venture journey has challenged many in our congregation to evaluate their own level of obedience to Christ.”

At Moody Pastors’ Conference, Avant will be focusing on their campaign of “Your Church Can Plant Internationally and We Can Help.” To learn more about how Avant can help expand your church’s missional mindset globally, stop by the Avant Ministries booth or click here.

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