Rebellion, Struggle and GodFrom Stan & Carol, Bahamas

Tehryn entered Windermere High School in the Bahamas because “mother wasn’t happy with what I was morphing into…I had gone from a God-loving, straight-A student to a crowd-following, boy-crazy rebel.”

“She only wanted the best for me, so coming to Windermere was the last and only option. I was mad at my mother! I was lacking wisdom and spiritual eyes. I tried rudeness and rebellion on a frequent basis but, honestly, being rude and disgusting isn’t as easy as it seems! It literally sucked the life and energy from me. It felt like I was suffocating inside. Little did I know that God was dealing with me. The more I refused the word of God, the more I heard it!”

“It was March of 2006 when I was truly shaken. It was a session of Spiritual Emphasis and Mr. Selver spoke on rebellion and struggle. Something began tugging at my heart to speak to him, but my pride stood in my way. That same night, Carol called me to her house. I thought I was in trouble again, so I hesitated but went anyway. She welcomed me with open arms and prayed with me. It was that day I was united with God, the best day of my life!”

Tehryn recently graduated from Windermere High School and has seen significant change in her life since that day she prayed with Carol. “From that day on, I gained love and respect for those around me and myself. My grades improved and my mother and I have the best relationship any girl could ask for,” Tehryn said. “Windermere is a stepping stone into a bright future. Believe me, I’m a witness!”

Founded in the 1950s, Windermere High School provides quality education in a Christian environment for Bahamian boys and girls from grades 7-12. Students come as day students and as boarding students. Since 2003, the school has been under the capable, enthusiastic leadership and sponsorship of born-again Bahamians known as the Windermere Group. Stan and Carol have been faithfully serving Bahamian youth at Windermere High School since 1970.

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