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Business for Transformation

Avant believes all people should have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Therefore, we employ a wide range of strategies to communicate its truth. One of those involves Business for Transformation (B4T), which intentionally integrates evangelism and discipleship into the day-to-day operation of legitimate, sustainable businesses.

Using business in tandem with ministry isn’t a new idea. We see it in some accounts of Paul’s activities described in Acts. Likewise, Avant missionaries have employed B4T strategies to reach their communities with the good news for many years. Although B4T is often associated with creative access settings, that is not its exclusive domain. B4T presents opportunities in any location to catalyze the transmission of the gospel and lead to the establishment of local churches.

The Avant B4T Global team’s overarching goal is to mobilize church planting business teams throughout the world that bring about holistic spiritual change to the communities they engage. Avant B4T Global is built on partnerships with missional entrepreneurs, investors and kingdom professionals. These networks are the corner stone of our B4T approach, where we empower our indigenous partners to start and expand sustainable businesses for lasting Kingdom impact.

Our B4T Global team catalyzes, coordinates and provides assistance to new initiatives from their location in Asia. This growing team is engaged in Kingdom business themselves and offers a wide range of resources to those beginning their own ventures. Along with Avant ministry teams, they also assist national kingdom entrepreneurs worldwide.