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Abraham: Lessons For Us Today
God gives us hope even when we have circumstances that can be really challenging. May we learn to trust and put our hope in Him, as He grows us to be more like Him.
Testimonies of Gratitude
Testimonies are powerful. Each one of us has one and God uses our testimony to encourage others. Be encouraged as you read the following testimonies from one of our missionaries in Bolivia and see how God is at work through the ministry of El Jordan.
Reputation of Hope
As Christians, we can begin to fear and worry and feel abandoned, or we can use the ticket God has given us to speak peace into people’s lives. So much of what we do is built on a long reputation of sharing God’s love and kindness. Based on the identity of a good name in Christ we can offer sweet hope and peace when it is desperately needed.
Life Lessons From a Turtle
Imagine what our lives would be like if we viewed/lived out our relationship with God and were 100% happy to be still, patient, slow to speak, slow to think, judge, react. What would it look like if we were seeking out God and running with all our might, as fast as our little legs can carry us, right into His lap?