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Share the Story of the Bible in 3 Minutes
Jesus has commanded us to go and make disciples. We are to go and share the hope of the gospel with others. Jon Luesink, Director of Mobilization, shares a unique way to share the story of the Bible in three minutes!
Fear Not!
In missions we often run into many unknowns and at times we loose focus of the end goal. In those times we must recall the promises of God, fear not! Whatever situation you are facing and will face, God's promises ring true evermore.
The Call To Mission
Many times we talk about the call to missions and we are not always sure what that means. God calls us to take part in what He is doing through missions. The Bible is full of calls to missions and we can learn from those stories and apply them to our lives.
When Faithfulness is Truly Great
When we go through different circumstances we get to experience the faithfulness and compassion of God in a new way. Through many years we are able to share and experience the joy of His unchanging faithfulness.