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A Look Through My Eyes
Spending the summer at a camp working in close quarters with around 40 other people can pose interesting questions about what it means to be a community. Christian community is a blessing we often take too lightly and it was brought into sharp focus for me out in the Alaskan wilderness.
The Armor, Your Battle and His War
Sometimes the more I learn, the heavier my armor, I can’t carry it all. We must remind ourselves that the battle belongs to the Lord. His Word is the sword powerful to protect us and bring people to the truth of the gospel.
When You Have Just Enough, But Way More
God gives us hope even when we have circumstances that can be really challenging. May we learn to trust and put our hope in Him, as He grows us to be more like Him.
The Gospel Changes Lives
The gospel changes lives. We must remember and be motivated by that truth, the gospel changes lives. That is why we are here, that is why we live each day, so that through God’s work in us, the gospel might change lives.