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The "I love Lucy" Moments of Life
In the midst of catastrophe, the “I love Lucy” moments of life, the Lord opens a door. He reminds us that we are here on this earth for a purpose to reach those around us with the love and message of Christ. May we be found faithful.
God is Faithful
Missions can be hard. Many times one of the causes of difficulty can be teammates. In order for a team to function as “the church” many times - it requires an intimacy and vulnerability that opens up the possibility of getting deeply wounded. May we learn from these hard times and see God's faithfulness regardless of the situation.
Legacy: Seeds Planted to faithful men
Everyday is an opportunity to plant a seed and see how God will use that to further His kingdom. We are called to be faithful and to be in awe of how God will work, in ways we might never imagine, to impact those years to come.
Searching for Open Doors
Every day we have the option to engage others in conversation, through open doors, some partake in that conversation and others don't. Often times all it takes is a question to begin a conversation that could lead to them come to know Jesus as their personal Savior! May we be anticipating these types of conversations each day!