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Need for One Another
We need each other. Jesus created us as relational beings and has given us joy in walking through life with others. In missions, wherever you might be, the Lord desires to be in relationship with you and for you to be in relationship with others.
The Other Side of Christmas
However we view Bethlehem, niceness is not the point. In Jesus, God came face to face with the evil one and won by dying on the cross and rising up again. And we too find victory when joined with Christ.
Obedient to the Call
We never know who God will bring us in contact with and how He will use different moments to allow us to share the good news of the gospel. God answers our prayers and draws people to Himself that do not know Him.
The Power of Forgiveness
Some times we are afraid to start conversations and not sure we will be able to answer the questions that someone might have. But God gives us the words to say and uses those conversations to draw individuals to Himself.