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God Calls, God Leads & God Provides
It is a joy to walk along side those that God calls to share the good news of the gospel all around the world. God calls, God leads and God provides. Often in unexpected ways do we see God at work, but we can trust that it is always the best way.
Battles: Ours or His?
Each day brings new circumstances and opportunities to live for Christ and trust Him. One of our missionaries in Bolivia shares how through the recent political unrest, they have seen God at work.
Growth Through Obedience
God continues to grow His church worldwide! Learn how bi-vocational training center students are embracing an organized outreach to help the growing community of those from another Western Asia country.
God's Abundance
God's power is sufficient. When I become so paralyzed by my own inability, I forget that God’s power is sufficient over all of it. I start to believe the lie that His grace is limited. Not only is God's power sufficient but He provides for each and every need that we have, because He is a God of abundance.