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From Guatemala With Love
Regardless of our 'distractions' God is in control and He puts us in certain situations and specific locations for a reason, we just need to pay better attention.
Stories of Hope
Stories are powerful. Each one of us has one and God uses our stories to encourage others. Be encouraged as you read the following stories from one of missionaries in Spain.
"Wait, I'm supposed to be the one asking questions here!"
Many times we make plans and have a desired outcome that we want to accomplish. But thankfully, many times, God rearranges those plans for the better and uses them in incredible ways to teach us a lesson and to bring Him glory!
All for Jesus. Sorta. Kinda. Well Almost.
Candidates arrive at our sending agency with a unified passion, to proclaim the gospel where it isn’t. Their going blesses me. It renews my faith. God still works in the lives of another generation wanting to love and serve him with heart, mind and soul.