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Italy: Mani Del Maestro

Current Need: $59,303
Project #71814

The Context
Promises of a Better Life Often Lead to False Hope
A refugee’s journey to Europe could be the means to a better life. It could be the hope of financial security and an escape from violence and poverty. For the past century, less restrictive immigration laws have turned the port city of Genoa, Italy, into a major point of entrance for those fleeing their home countries. Located on the western coast of the country along the Mediterranean Sea, the city is known for its rich heritage in architecture, its active role in shipbuilding and its production of petroleum, textiles, iron and steel.

The Challenge
The Need is Great, Resources are Few
Human trafficking is nothing new to Europe; in fact, Genoa has become its central hub. Some sources cite that almost 11,000 Nigerian women entered Italy in 2016 alone and more than 75 percent of those immigrants were trafficking victims. To reach these women, the Avant team ministers late at night in the areas of the city where these women work. As language barriers have proven to be an issue, team members hand out encouraging letters to the women that have translated into 6-7 languages. On a cold winter evening, the letters are accompanied by a cup of hot tea and the summer nights bring a welcoming cold drink. The letters and drink are often a surprising and welcomed gesture as the women are not accustomed to such kindness and an ear inclined to listen. 

A Solution
God Opens Doors to New Opportunity to Help Victims
According to the United Nations, there are 2.4 million human trafficking victims worldwide. In many cases, family members have been pulled apart. Often, they have come from extreme poverty and dysfunctional homes void of hope and love. The statistics are staggering and the realities are heartbreaking. This is why the Avant team in Genoa has chosen to become the hands and feet of Jesus to reach these women. For the past five years, the team has ministered to approximately 400 young women.

Your Difference
Following God’s Mandate to Reach the Lost at any Cost
The hearts of the team members and believers within the church are ready and available to serve these underserved families and victims of human trafficking in Genoa. In the past three years the ministry of the Mani del Maestro center has more than surpassed the team’s expectations.
Through your donations, Progetto Uscita can make four trips to transport approximately 12 women to the long-term safehouse in southern Italy. The funds can also be used for visits to these “treasures” (how the victims are referred to within the ministry) who are already in a safehouse. These funds will also provide the girls with backpacks full of necessities, evangelistic and training materials for the team. Monies will also be used for the bi-monthly outreaches, including vehicle rental which is necessary for the women’s safety.

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