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South East Asia: Bible Training/Farm

Current Need: $56,470
Project #71862

The Context:
Vietnamese Struggle to Balance Christianity and Family Values

In South East Asia, tradition and history are often passed along from generation to generation. Ancestral history, loyalty and commitment are the heartbeat of the family. Individualism is often frowned upon and most place more emphasis on their roles and obligations rather than their own desires. Many South East Asian Christians are taught that everything in their immediate worldview goes against the Christian lifestyle and is a sin. As a result, South East Asian Christians often have difficulty making sense of their new life in Christ along with a heritage deeply rooted in multi-generational cultures.

Today, this country is one of southeast Asia's fastest growing economies while remaining a strong Communist force. The United States continues to be an essential trading partner, only second to China. Approximately 73 percent of those in this country are ancestral worshippers (animists); Buddhisim represents 12 percent; Catholics close to 7 percent; Caodaism (combination of all religions together) is 4.8 percent; Protestants  1.5 percent and Hoahaoism is 1.4 percent.

The Challenge
Training up a Generation of New Believers To Bring Together Christ and Business

Approximately 1.5 percent of these South East Asians have accepted the gospel, however, many face extreme persecution. Another challenge is the inconsistency in government regulation. There are registered and unregistered churches with more than 300 denominations throughout the country. Unity throughout the body of believers is virtually nonexistent and fear of government sabotage is prevalent in the church. In late 2016, the government adopted a new Law on Belief and Religion, which many say will place significant limits on freedom of religion. 

However, there is still skepticism. With less than two percent of Bible-believing Christians in the country, this South East Asian government is skeptical and views it as a religion from Europe or the United States. It is also viewed as a way for Europe and the United States to take over the country.

A Solution
Oral Bible Training Center and Natural Farming Will Help Equip Local Leaders

While skepticism among the government and nonbelievers is abundant, South East Asian Christians hold relationships and history in high regard. Many young people are searching and God is providing resources through teachings using spiral thinking (Hermeneutics), which involves using worldviews similar to their own way of thinking.

Avant firmly believes the truth of the gospel is meant for all people, regardless of the government they are under. Christian nationals will be taught the foundations of Biblical living through storytelling (Oral Bible Training) and Natural Farming.

Natural Helps to Bridge Cultures, Christ
These same leaders who have been taught using OBT techniques have also expressed an interest in learning farming (a common profession to many families) in a natural, holistic way. While organic farming allows for the use of some chemicals, Natural Farming is chemical-free. The growth rate and yield in natural farms has proven to be almost as good as traditional farming. This way of farming will allow Vietnamese Christians to provide affordable, organic food for their community, their consumers and their family.

Approximately 78 percent or 1.3 million farmers depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Because of the low wages in farming, Christians tend to leave their hometowns to look for better paying jobs in big cities. Some leave family behind.

However, with OBT and NF, leaders believe South East Asian's can learn to love God and join their lives with their unbelieving families. We hope that this Biblically based training coupled with teaching the youth to work with the natural resources God has provided, will allow the gospel to flourish. As these communities of believers begin to multiply, local church teams will begin to form and church plants  multiplying across the nation.

Your Difference:
Training up South East Asian Nationals Through the Bible and Natural Farming

Much like the lifecycle of a crop, the Christian life begins with the seed and ends with vegetables which can sustain a family. By learning about biblical truths through farming, the Vietnamese can provide for their family, participate in God's work through the provision He provides, and experience His creation in a natural way by using the crops that Natural Farms produce. Farmers not only will provide nourishment to the community, but they will also learn to rely on God to help bring forth the harvest.

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