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Spain: Comunicando Vida

Current Need: $12,500
Project #71900

The Context

For many years Comunicando Vida has existed as a support for various Spanish ministries. Today God has called the team to take a big step into something new—to help people heal from their difficult pasts and to orient the church on these misunderstood issues.

To get where they are today, team members dealt with their own troubled pasts of sexual abuse, anxiety, addictions and emotional disorders. Above all, they had to learn to believe truth about God and their identity in Christ over the lies ingrained in them their whole lives. Freed from their pasts, God is now calling them to help others find this same freedom.

Comunicando Vida values the use of visuals to help others appropriate God’s truth for themselves. As Philippians 4:8 tells us, we are to “think about such things.” Audiovisuals, print materials and artwork are used in one-on-one counseling sessions and church conferences to transmit words of truth in a visual way that leave an impression on the people.

The Challenge

Abuse exists equally within the church as without. Unfortunately, pastors are often unaware that many in their congregation suffer from sexual and emotional abuse, nor do they have the knowledge or resources to help them. Because of this, there is no shortage of believers, missionaries and non-believers seeking help from the small team of Comunicando Vida.

The goal of Comunicando Vida is not only to counsel individuals, but also to bring awareness and training on these issues to local believers and pastors. As congregants find truth and freedom with the help of Comunicando Vida, pastors see the changes in their lives and have begun to ask for help as well. The hope is that the Spanish church will become a place where the hurting can find healing from their pasts. Right now “uprooting and destroying” is necessary, but the ultimate goal of Comunicando Vida is prevention— to “build and plant” truth in our children so that abuse never happens in the first place.

A Solution

Comunicando Vida has a heart for women and couples who are hurting from their pasts and do not know how to break free. God does not desire for his children to live a life of despair, worry and bondage. Their past does not determine their future, God does! When someone decides to allow the truth of God’s Word to confront their areas of shame and guilt, they finally see that it is possible to leave behind their abuse, anxiety and addictions. They begin to see God restore their broken marriages. The decision for truth offers a chance to heal relationships and build a solid foundation in Christ.

The Difference You Can Make

Your support is essential as Comunicando Vida focuses its ministry efforts to go to the hurting and needy and to bring awareness within the church. With your help, the ministry will develop audiovisual production, printed materials and paintings that will be used throughout Spain at conferences and in one-on-one counseling sessions. This is all with the goal of providing hope and healing with the gospel message to those who have experienced sexual and emotional abuse.

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