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Avant is seeking individuals trained in several skills to support the ministry of Trades 4 Life in Belize.
Trades 4 Life exists to educate potential leaders of their society by providing encouragment and harvesting the resources of their God-given abilities and talents to strengthen the community through specific courses. We are looking for people to help teach courses in the specialty areas below. 

- Stick welding & TIG welding 
- Gas welding
- Cutting & fabrication 
- Machining/ Turning & lathe work 

- Advanced learning 
- Maintenance & inspections 
- Brakes, steering & suspension 
- Differentials and transmissions 

- Computer techonology fundamentals 
- PC installation & safety procedures 
- Networking & safety procedures 
- Mobile operating systems 
- Email & security 
- Repair & maintenance 

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 
- Domestic fridge & freeze electrical 
- Installation j& commissioning of single phase air conditioning systems 
- Troubleshooting service & repair 
- Occupational, health & safety 
- Tubing systems 

Avant requires education or training appropriate for the specific ministry in which the candidate will be engaged. Completion of an orientation program is contingent upon length of service.  It is expected that applicants will have demonstrated their abilities in Christian service prior to application. A working knowledge of the Bible is required for all personnel.

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