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Church Planting in Angola

Angola needs the hope of the gospel. Will you join a team to help reach the unreached in this nation?

Church Planting in Angola
Church planting in Angola is an ideal opportunity for multiple multi-national teams working in medical ministry, leadership training, bible translation and community development. These areas of need would be engaged with a wholistic discipleship ministry focus as we partner with proven servants and ministries with the Angolan church.

Why Angola? 
After the 1975 decolonization of Angola, the first President, a Marxist, vowed to eradicate Christianity within 20 years. During this time, there were many incidents of repression and outright persecution of Christians. Christians suffered ostracism, abuse, discrimination for many decades. In the first ten years after independence there was intense persecution of Christians, dozens of pastors and thousands of believers were martyred or abducted, and many churches were deliberately destroyed.

The harsh realities of war and ideological collapse of Communism in the 1990s resulted in an easing of nearly all discrimination against Christians. Many simple Christians kept the faith and witnessed. As a result, congregations have multiplied, services are packed, and despite their desperation and destitution hundreds of thousands have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The shortage of trained, godly leadership is the most critical problem limiting church growth and maturity. The results have produced many leadership struggles and divisions. For years, little formal training was given, but now there are seven Bible schools and four seminaries.

Avant requires education or training appropriate for the specific ministry in which the candidate will be engaged. Completion of an orientation program is contingent upon length of service.  It is expected that applicants will have demonstrated their abilities in Christian service prior to application. A working knowledge of the Bible is required for all personnel.

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