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Fusion Athletics- Italy

Do you love sports? Be a part of helping us grow the evangelistic influence of Fusion Athletics, leading to the establishment of new churches in Sicily.

Sicily, located just off the Italian peninsula, is the largest island in the Mediterranean with a population of more than 5 million people. In 2014 a team of experienced Avant missionaries deployed to the city of Messina. The busy tourist and commercial port along with its large university population make Messina an ideal launching point for a new movement of evangelical churches.

The Spiritual Climate:
Seventy one percent of Sicilians identify as Roman Catholic; yet, only twenty percent of those participate in the mass regularly. Spirituality is most often expressed through superstition, such as warding off evil spirits. Young Sicilians are more educated and increasing secular like the rest of Europe. They see religion as a quaint part of their cultural heritage that has little to do with everyday life.

Reaching the Next Generation:
The Avant missionary team began using sports as a means to build relationships and reach young Sicilians with the Gospel. The Avant team leader was named Director of Baseball at the University of Messina. Since then other missionary team members have been involved in athletic programs both at the university and within the community. In 2017 they founded Fusion Athletics, a multi-discipline athletic club to share the love of Jesus through the fun of sports.

Through these evangelistic efforts a new church was launched in Messina. This is an ongoing effort with a vision to see a new generation of evangelical churches established all around the island.

Would you like to join the team?
Do you love sports? We’re especially looking for athletes and/or coaches with at lest moderate skills in baseball, soccer, running, or basketball who can help us grow the evangelistic influence of Fusion Athletics, leading to the establishment of new churches in Sicily.

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