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South East Asia Internship

Internship opportunity to teach English with an existing team in South East Asia.

Why South East Asia?
The country we are in is considered unreached, in spite of being Catholic. Some 40 years ago the populace was forced to become monotheistic, but they never renounced their foundational animistic beliefs. Most of the people have no Biblical knowledge, and have not grasped the concept of salvation by faith, that you can't worship God and simultaneously serve the spirit world. 

Internship opportunity to join our team in South East Asia. Our team runs a small language school business where we teach English, Portuguese and Computer courses. We need a substitute English teacher to fill in for the American team member who will be on home stay during this time. There will also be opportunities to help with crowd control/crafts/games during our children's ministry, and to do an English conversational Bible study with our more advanced English students (Discovery Bible study method). This is a supporting role to our evangelistic, discipleship, church-planting activities. 

Join Us
Would you like to participate in sharing the hope of the gospel in South East Asia? The internship is available for an individual from August 31- November 18 2019. 

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