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Vietnam- Natural Farming

Church Planting through Business
Only 1.8% know the love of Jesus in Vietnam. Join this team to use farming as a means to share the gospel.

Avant firmly believes the truth of the gospel is meant for all people, regardless of whatever government they are under. Often the places that are not open to traditional missionary methods need sustainable businesses to provide employment opportunities and economic growth for the community.

Using business in tandem with ministry is not a new idea, nor is this Avant’s first foray into using business strategy on the mission field. Over the course of history, many Avant missionaries have used business and commerce as an effective way to reach their communities with the gospel. However, we feel this is the time for Avant to actively recruit, train and send dedicated Business for Transformation (B4T) teams.

Seventy-five percent of Vietnamese are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.  Our leaders being able to successfully transition to Natural Farming will speak volume to those they are trying to minister to. 

Our team in Vietnam uses Natural Farming and Oral Bible Training to share the gospel and equip others with this sustainable way of farming. Use your gifts to help share the hope of the gospel in Vietnam.  Our team is looking for men and women to fill the roles of: Natural Farming Director, Business Manager and Bible Teacher. 

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