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Discipleship Coordinator in Africa

Africa Church Support Long Term Mid Term South Sudan Uganda

We are looking for a missionary couple or single to develop a discipleship strategy for newly planted churches in the South Sudanese refugee camps and surrounding areas of West Nile, Uganda. They would encourage, evaluate and teach church leaders and their teams in the area of discipleship in their churches.

They would coordinate and collaborate with national team members for trainings and seminars to help support this initiative. They must be willing to walk personally with up and coming leaders on a long term basis.

We will be using uniform material but creatively applied to fit the local church needs. The missionary(s) must have cross cultural ministry experience as well as experience working under leaders with a different culture and ethnicity than themselves. It would be preferred that the candidate(s) is also familiar with extreme poverty. The missionary(s) must be willing to be a student of the culture, learn the language and possibly languages, and take a posture of humility and always assume good will.

Life in Northern Uganda and South Sudan can be sad and difficult. Although there are days you must be more driven and serious, continuing in such a state can be hazardous to your health. Therefore it is imperative that the unit must have a sense of humor.

This opportunity has an application process and training that is required. In addition to this Avant does on the ground training for the new missionaries. There will be required training so that the new missionary can be best equipped and prepared as they continue to learn.


1.) Cross Cultural experience

2.) Language learning

3.) Ability to teach

4.) Administration skills

5.) Must be a team player

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