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Tanzania Audio Bibles

Project #71927
Africa Church Planting Tanzania

Millions of people in the African country of Tanzania are subsistence farmers, raising only enough for their families to survive. Their needs are overwhelmingly high in all areas of life and they are some of the poorest people in the world. Some practice animism and are terrorized through the practice of witchcraft. Others live in darkness through their adherence to Islam. Both need the spiritual freedom found in Jesus Christ.

The Nyamwezi and Sukuma people live in the north-central rural areas of Tanzania. More than 80% of these people cannot read. However, they have a strong oral tradition that allows them to retain knowledge through their extraordinary memory skills and powerful storytelling. Avant’s goal is to purchase and distribute 9,000 audio Bibles in their indigenous languages; 4,000 have already been distributed. In addition to the Scripture, biblical teachings and other helps will be loaded onto the listening devices so that individuals and listening groups can hear God’s Word and be discipled in their relationship with Christ.

  • $41 provides 1 audio Bible.
  • $205 pays for 5 audio Bibles.
  • $410 delivers 10 audio Bibles.
  • $1,025 allows 25 audio Bibles to be distributed.

Every dollar counts to get these audio Bibles into people’s hands so they can experience freedom in Jesus Christ. When individuals in these groups make sincere commitments to follow Christ, the Holy Spirit frees them from demonic possession or oppression, and their testimonies are powerful!

$369,000 Project Goal
$264,474 Amount Raised
$104,526 Still Needed
71% 100%

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