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C.A.N. Conference

In the world of missions, there is the agency, missionary and local church. Removal of one of these is a disaster waiting to happen. We at Avant have made it a point to contact the local church when a person applies and after they have been accepted as an Avant missionary. We also encourage the new missionary to meet regularly with the church missions leadership.

However, we realized this was not enough and that our relationship with the local church could and should be much stronger.

In 2008 we added the C.A.N. (Church. Agency. Now.) Conference to this relationship. We wanted to listen to church missions leaders. We also wanted them to know the leadership of Avant and its heartbeat. The C.A.N. conference has allowed us to work together in a stronger way to successfully support missionaries on the field.

We want to thank you for all you have and are doing to disciple and send missionaries all over the world. Please accept our invitation to join other church mission-minded leaders for our C.A.N. Conference. This is our opportunity to explore new ways churches and mission agencies can partner together to build the kingdom.

MAY 5-6, 2020 - 
C.A.N. Conference
Avant Ministries | Kansas City, MO

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Director of Church Relations

Dave Wilson | david.wilson@avmi.org | 816.479.7078

Your Church + Avant = Kingdom Impact

Imagine the Kingdom impact if churches and mission agencies worked together strategically to recruit, train and send church planting teams to the mission field. The result of this direct cooperation could produce more teams to plant more churches in less time.

We Value the Church

Since 1892, Avant Ministries has focused on planting the church where the church does not exist. Our ever-changing world presents a sense of urgency that motivates us to be strategic and innovative. Avant’s church planting principles provide accountability and equips a team of missionaries to shorten the length of time it takes to plant a mature, nationally-led, reproducing church.

We believe the local church has an important role to play in all of this, so we place a priority on developing a relationship with churches who send out missionaries. Joint Venture was created as an opportunity for the church and agency to combine their strengths to plant the church among the unreached. We are stronger when we work together!


Church Partnerships

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What is Joint Venture?

Joint Venture was created to mobilize members of a given church to serve together overseas. Please watch this video to learn more.

What is a Joint Venture Team?

The typical Joint Venture team consists of six to ten adults from your congregation who train together in Avant’s method of church planting. The team will spend five to seven years planting churches in an unreached area of the world. Depending on location, the time could be shorter or longer to see a healthy church emerge.

Your church recruits a team from within the congregation, selects the field location, and creates a timeline for deployment. As your agency, Avant provides training, administrative details as well as a broad range of cross-cultural guidance.

Each Joint Venture team will be different because every church is unique. However, the goal is always the same: missionaries are sent, the gospel is preached and churches are planted!

We are Stronger When We Work Together