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Give Where Needed Most

This fund goes to the missionary or project with the most need. Thank you for supporting missions.
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Other Ways to Give

Check by Mail

To give by check or money order, send donation to one of the addresses listed below. Please make checks payable to ‘Avant Ministries.’  Please include a note designating the missionary, ministry or project the donation is for.

In the US:                                           In Canada:
Avant Ministries                                    Avant Ministries Canada
10000 N. Oak Trafficway                       2121 Henderson Highway
Kansas City, MO 64155                         Winnipeg MB  R2G 1P8

Non-Cash Gifts

These gifts are great alternatives to cash contributions. If you have any stock or mutual funds that have increased in value, and would like to make them a gift to Avant, please contact Avant directly. We would love to help you make the gift in a way that serves your best interest by avoiding capital gains tax and receiving tax deductions for the full current market value.

For more information on how non-cash gifts can benefit you and the ministry of Avant, please contact us.

U.S. - Planned Giving


Annuities are an excellent way to help both Avant and yourself. Donors who purchase annuities are guaranteed a fixed income for life, qualify for a one-time tax deduction, and upon the annuitant’s death, the remaining balance is transferred to Avant Ministries.

Charitable Trust

Charitable Trusts allow a donor to set aside money or property and pay it out to a beneficiary. This can be done through a series of payments or a lump sum. For specific details about a variety of Charitable Trusts available for planned giving, contact our development office.

Revocable Income Agreement 

With this agreement, sums of money can be put on deposit with Avant and earn interest income above current CD rates. This agreement is fully revocable during one’s lifetime but at death the principle becomes the property of Avant. Individual or joint agreements are available.


An Avant supporter can make a provision in his or her will for a portion of an estate to go to the Lord’s work. We encourage these supporters to give either a set amount or a percentage to their church and other ministries they have faithfully supported during their lifetime. This allows them to have a continuing impact for the Kingdom of God beyond their lifetime.

For more information on how planned giving gifts can benefit you and the ministry of Avant, 
please contact us.