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Missional Church Network

Project #72014
Church Support Global Latin America

Fewer than 1% of local churches in Latin America have sent a cross-cultural missionary from their church. Many churches desire to take part in the challenge of the Great Commission, but they don’t have the experience to know where to start.

Avant has created a training pipeline to provide content, services, and encouragement to these church leaders called Red de Iglesias Misionales (the Missional Church Network). In the last two years since this initiative was launched, thousands of pastors and leaders have been trained from all over the Spanish-speaking world. The first training group this year included over 140 leaders from 22 countries!

Avant’s Global Engagement team has developed assessment tools so that churches can evaluate where they are in their journey to be biblically missional communities. The results show church leaders where growth is most necessary. The Red de Iglesias Misionales also provides mentoring for any churches that desire follow-up after the training. 

Over the last 4 years, almost 3,000 church leaders have completed the missional church seminars. Over 500 of those leaders have completed additional training. Hundreds of leaders receive weekly missional church resources. And almost 30 church leadership teams have been mentored long-term to develop their ability to send their own missionaries. 

The Red Misional has grown to the point where a part time coordinator is needed to assure good communication with participating church leaders. This year, we also plan to gather all the network staff and mentors for a week of training and fellowship in Mexico, something we have not done since the church network was launched. This project will assist with the cost of both a part time coordinator and the training event in Mexico.