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Church Planting in Tanzania

Africa Church Planting Long Term Mid Term Tanzania

With vast expanses of untamed wilderness, Tanzania is teeming with opportunity for those with an adventurous spirit. 125 people groups live on the plateau of the Great Rift Valley, along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and on inland savannahs through the country. Of the 125 people groups, 28 are unreached. The majority practice Islam, and over 90% also practice Animism or witchcraft.

Avant is focused on engaging the 28 unreached groups with the gospel.  Teams will engage these communities through pioneer church planting by living with them, building relationships, and sharing their faith in Jesus.

Ministry will depend on the location and each missionary will be encouraged to discover the open doors for the gospel in their own areas. Specific vocations that would be helpful include medical professionals, midwives, teachers, mechanics, farmers, and craftsmen.

We need hearty, adaptable, driven and mature believers to come and serve. Expect opposition from the enemy through Islam, witchcraft and non-biblical churches. Expect life to be different. Driving will be dangerous, cooking from scratch is the norm, and wild animals are present. Life is extremely slow paced and communal. Be ready to give up one’s creature comforts to come share the gospel.

With less than 2% of the population evangelized, and many of those with a false sense of Christianity, this is a country desperately in need of God’s light. Avant desires a 2-7+ year commitment to this mysterious and dark land.

>> Explore Avant's Church Planting Principles.

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