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Ukraine Crisis Response

Thank You for Helping Ukraine!

In response to Russia's February 24th invasion of Ukraine, Avant churches in Poland, in the cities of Gdańsk and Poznań, have stepped up in significant ways to provide practical assistance and the love of Christ to many refugees.  The video on this page highlights just a few of the stories of God's amazing work through these churches.

Avant's crisis response has not been limited to Poland. Churches and missionary teams all over Europe, from Romania and Albania to France and Spain, and even the US and Canada, have also engaged this crisis. To date, approximately $400,000 USD has been raised for the effort to provide tangible relief for displaced Ukrainian refugees. 

Thank you for partnering with Avant to help Ukraine in this season of crisis!


A Refugee Serves

One Ukrainian refugee finds her niche providing mental health care to Ukrainian students in Poland.

A Church Responds

One church in Ukraine has been very active helping refugees transiting through their town.

A Journey to Safety

An opportunity to get people out of the refugee camps and into a safe place to restart life.

Power of Testimonies

God is opening the hearts of women from Ukraine who are now refugees and single mothers.

Polish Churches Unite

Churches in Poland step up to the challenge of receiving and caring for Ukrainian refugees.

21 Days of Silence

A Ukranian Pastor didn't know if his parents were alive for 21 days. The Church helped them reunite.

Refuge in the Storm

Irina waits in Poland for the war to end so she can return to her husband and her life in Ukraine.

A Temporary Home

A church in Poland has become a temporary home to Ukrainian women and their young children.

Ways to Pray

  1. Pray for believers and churches in Ukraine and Russia to be strengthened in this challenging time.
  2. Pray that the Ukrainian people will place their hope in Christ rather than in governments or diplomacy.
  3. Pray for believers and churches in Poland and other countries in the region as they reach out to Ukrainian refugees. Pray they will have many opportunities to share the hope of the gospel.
  4. Pray that the hope of the gospel will comfort those who are grieving and hurting amidst the brokenness and devastation around them.

About Ukraine and this Crisis

  • Ukraine is one of the most populous countries in Europe, with 43 million people. It is 70% urban. The church is growing in Ukraine, but the country overall is only 3.8% evangelical.*
  • The country underwent a revolution in 2014 and has been in a sustained conflict with Russia since then.
  • More than 3 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the invasion began on February 24, 2022. Half of them are children.
  • It is anticipated that millions more (some estimate 4+ million) may become refugees in countries like Poland, Romania, and elsewhere in Europe within the next month or two.
  • Avant has had a ministry presence in Eurasia (Ukraine and surrounding countries) for 15+ years, and other countries in Europe for much longer.
  • Avant workers and churches in the region are committed to short-term crisis relief as Ukrainians flee conflict, mid-term support as additional needs unfold, and long-term outreach to plant and develop healthy churches where there is no church.