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South East Asia: Bible Training/Farm
South East Asia: Bible Training/Farm
We can equip a harvest of workers who will pass Christ to families for many generations. Equipping locals will begin to bridge the cultural gap between establishing a profession and working for God.
Project #71862
Spain:  Comunicando Vida
Spain: Comunicando Vida
Comunicando Vida is a ministry of Málaga Media Center (MMC). One main focus is to bring healing to women and couples who have had difficult histories of abuse.
Project #71900
Russian: Volgograd Outreach
Russian: Volgograd Outreach
Ineffective rehabilitation centers have caused addicts to remain in a vicious cycle of recovery. A new Holistic Women’s Center will help break the cycle through Bible classes, food and shelter.
Project #71890
Brazil: Porto Velho Church
Brazil: Porto Velho Church
Be a part of reaching the unreached in Brazil. Help to build a new church on the purchased property in the new community development of Sevilha, adjacent to Bairro Novo.
Project #71889
Lebanon: Syrian Refugee School
Lebanon: Syrian Refugee School
Syrian Civil War refugees represent approximately 25 percent of the Lebanese population. Our school is committed to teach the Syrian children about the gospel in an educational setting.
Project #71878
Fusion Athletics
Fusion Athletics
The Avant team will introduce young Sicilians to Jesus through sports activities. As people come to Christ they will be discipled and gathered into new local churches
Project #71861